14 Jan 2014

We have moved..........

Hi Everyone,

Firstly I would personally like to thank each and every one of you for your continuous support with Kiss and Makeup. You may recall a while back that when I introduced the newest writer to the blog, Gemma, that we asked should we keep the name or should we think of something different. A lot of you said keep the name as it’s what I am known for and I really do agree with that however one of my close friends said that it didn’t matter what we were called that we would be supported anyway (you know who you are pal). This comment really hit home for me as although I adore the name Kiss and Makeup it represents me (Anita) and not myself and Gemma as a partnership, plus when you search the internet there are tonnes of people with similar names to this.

So, we decided that we would change the name. But what should it be? Well, we went back to basics? What is the aim of our blog? We want to create a community where not only do we give advice to people and recommend products that we like or give out about products that we don’t like but also a place where you can all join in and express your views on certain products, or the latest fashion trends or really anything that is on your mind. We want to create a relaxed atmosphere, less regimental and more like a chat with the girls. And so www.chatterbox.ie was born. We really adore the name and hope you feel the same. It represents exactly what we are about and also it’s the name of one of our fav Mac lipsticks, so that couldn’t hurt right???

We have a new website designed by the amazing John at JCIT (website www.jcit.ie). We told him exactly what we wanted and he delivered a beautiful and sophisticated blog that was beyond our expectations. Please come and check it out www.chatterbox.ie. There are some old posts that we copied from Kiss and Makeup with Me (old blog) but also there are some new ones and there are plenty more new blog posts in the pipeline. We would also be thrilled if you could follow us on all our other social media sites where we will be in contact with you all daily and keeping you all up to date on the latest beauty and fashion trends.

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/ChatterboxBlog
Twitter: @Chatterboxie
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Also we will have some really great competitions on our social media pages in the next few days so be sure to follow us and share with all your friends.

So what’s next for Kiss and Makeup then? Well I plan to keep my Facebook page going into the future but instead of sharing blog posts I will be sharing with you pictures of the nails and makeup that I have created. Very similar to what I did when I first began! It will be a great place to gain inspiration or simply just to look at nice and pretty pictures.

Again, I would like to thank you all for all from the bottom of my heart for your support and both myself and Gemma look forward to interacting with you all and having girly chats about all the pretty things in the world. We believe that people’s lives can get pretty hectic at times and women, especially mothers sometimes put others before themselves and forget that they are important too so if we can create a place where people can go and look at posts about light and fluffy things and distract them from reality for even ten minutes then we feel our mission is complete. Also, money can be tight at times and wasting money on rubbish products and not so pretty fashion trends is something that isn’t ideal so hopefully by us narrowing down what products and trends are worth the investment and ones that are not then this will help you save your cash for more important purchases. That’s the plan anyway!!
Have a lovely day beauties!

Anita of Chatterbox.ie

2 Dec 2013

Gem's November Favourites!

Cannot believe it is the start of December, mine and probably most people's favourite time of year!

However, I am here to talk about last months beauty offerings that I could not keep out of my make-up bag, shower, hand-bag... you get the idea :)

First off is a bit of a splurge item
It is the Jouer Matte Moisture Tint. I purchased this off www.cultbeauty.co.uk. It was 30 pound which is equal to about 36 euro, you do get 50 ml of product though which is a pretty decent size. This product is oil free which is perfect for my oily skin and also has an SPF of 15. It has nearly a gel like consistency. It has a decent amount of coverage for a tinted moisturiser and goes on smoothly with hands or a brush, depending on how much time you have. I find it stays on my skin well (with powder) throughout the day. I purchased the shade linen. My shade in MAC would be NC20.

My next fave is the Rimmel Wake Me Up Concealer.
I feel I am late to the party on this one, as I know many people have tried and loved this product. I bought it on a whim on my lunch break in the local chemist (6.99 euro) and it can be found in most chemists and Boots. It has a doe foot applicator, which isn't my favourite way to use it from a cleanliness point of view, I usually decant onto the back of my hand and use a brush to apply it. I love using this under my eyes. I find it creamy and very easy to blend and does a good job of covering my lovely bags of a morning. I use the shade 010 Ivory.
The Real Techniques Expert Face Brush is another one of my favourites this month.
 This brush is great when you are in a rush (which I always am). I use it for primer, base and concealer. It's big enough to get your base done quickly but small enough to blend concealer under your eyes and anywhere else you might need it. It is a dense brush too so it doesn't swallow up all the product. I think I might have to buy a back up. It retails in Boots for approx 13 Euro.

As the festive season is fast approaching I had to add in my favourite red lipstick of the moment, however it doesn't have to be Christmas to rock a red lip :)
I was a complete sucker and bought RiRi Woo in the rose gold packaging (22 Euro) from www.brownthomas.com It is a a beautiful matt red that's not too drying on the lips if you give them a good scrub and a good coat of lip balm before hand. It makes your teeth looks whiter which is an added bonus! It can be used straight from the bullet for a full on red lip or if you want a toned down effect apply a small amount to your lips and rub in with your finger for a more diffused but still beautiful look.

Something that I cannot keep out of my shower at the minute:
 The Nivea In Shower Body Moisturiser.
Here is a full review of this product if you want to check it out on our blog.
You can get this in most chemists and supermarkets and if you're lucky Boots  have it on special alot, for about 4 Euro It usually retails for about 6 Euro for the large size!
I have oily skin. I am in my late 20's and still get zits on my face, like a 16 year old. My body however gives me mixed messages, some of it wants to be oily, some of it likes to be dry. The Nivea In Shower Moisturiser helps my bipolar skin. You use on wet skin in the shower after washing and all that good stuff. You lather it on,wash it off and then dry as normal. I then use normal moisturiser on the parts of my body that need it more!

Finally, these have been a fave of mine this month (since I only bought them this month :) )
They are House of Harlow Sunburst Button Earrings. I bought mine from www.shopbop.com. They cost me around 25 Euro with tax and shipping which I thought was pretty reasonable.They are a medium disc earrings designed by Nicole Richie (daughter of Lionel), with faux leather inside the sunburst. I've had my eye on them ever since I saw Heart from http://www.youtube.com/user/ThatsHeart on Youtube rocking them.They are really good quality, can be worn casually but for me I think they will be kept for special occasions.

So these are some of my loves from the month gone by. Hopefully you'll enjoy reading it as much as I did writing it.

Thanks and enjoy all of the Christmas build up :)


29 Nov 2013

REVIEW: Real Techniques Miracle Complexion Sponge (Cool Stocking Filler)

We are really big fans of the Pixiwoo ladies and Samantha Chapman's Real Technique brushes are staples in our brush collection. So when the Miracle Complexion Sponge was launched we knew we had to give it a go. This sponge is not like the old fashioned sponges your granny once used, but instead it is a nifty little tool that allows you to create a full coverage and flawless base in a matter of minutes. 

The beauty blender took the world by storm and we both had mixed reviews on it (Anita liked it but Gemma found her makeup didn't last as long after using it and this seemed to be down to the fact that wetting it didn't agree with her oily skin type). All that aside if you liked the beauty blender and found it worked for you or if you haven't tried it but have wanted to then we think this is just as good, or dare we say it, better and more importantly it is a quarter of the price. 

This is similar to the beauty blender but the reason we prefer it is because it has three different sides which can be used for all different areas of the face aswell as to create different finishes.

Real Techniques Complexion Perfection Sponge

Each time before use you must wet the sponge under warm water and squeeze it several times and the sponge will expand . So if like Gemma this causes you problems then this product may not be a good option for you. 

Rounded side- Great for covering large areas and blending
Flat side of the sponge. Great for achieving a full coverage

  • The round side can be used to cover larger areas of the face. If you apply your foundation to the back of your hand, pick up some of the product with the sponge and rub it on to your face then it creates a light coverage. If you are a fan of cream blush the rounded side is great for applying this. 
  • For a fuller coverage we like to use the flat side and dab it onto the skin. You can do this only in the areas where you need fuller coverage and use the rounded side on the areas which need less. On the real techniques website it suggests using the round side in a stippling motion to achieve fuller coverage but we have found that the flat side does a much better job and Samantha Chapman uses it this way in her demo video (see link below)! The flat edge is great for getting in around the hard to reach areas such as the sides of the nose, eyes etc.
  • The pointed end is amazing for applying concealer around the eyes, the nose area and concealing smaller areas which need precise and dense coverage. You can use the rounded side to blend the product in after applying it to the desired area. 
  • The pointed side is also super for contouring the face. It can be used to add cream bronzer under the cheek bones and on the temples and highlighter under the eye, on the forehead and down the center of the nose.

One of our Idol's Samantha Chapman

Check out this link to see Sam demonstrating how she uses the sponge.

There honestly is nothing bad to say about this product. The material it is made from is super high quality. It does exactly what it is meant to do and it gives you amazing looking skin (if the makeup lasts on you throughout the day is a matter of try and see as it really depends on your skin type) . We have tried this out with all different types of foundation formulas and it works well although avoid using it with powder products if you want our honest opinion because it can cause makeup to cake. 

After Application-Before washing though !!!

Once you are done with this you can use some baby shampoo to rinse it off and start fresh again. As this dries it goes back to the original size.

We also love the fact that it is orange, this means it can't get lost amongst your makeup collection. 

Best of all this beauty will only set you back €5.89 (£4.99)  from Boots and at the moment this is on special at buy one get one half price so there is no reason why you shouldn't give this a go. It would also be a lovely little stocking filler for a special girl in your life.

For anyone new to makeup or for someone that doesn't have time to be using several brushes to create an even base then this is just the tool for you. Its super quick and easy to use and it's as cheap as chips! Everyone should try one of these at least once and this is a great option rather than forking out on the, what we now feel is overpriced, beauty blender. 

Have you tried this sponge before or anything like it? 
Have you used the real techniques brush range before, do you love it as much as we do? 

We would love to hear your thoughts.

Have a great day!

Gem and Anita xxxx

24 Nov 2013

REVIEW: Cocoa Brown Chocolate Whip Oil-Free Body Moisturiser

Us girls all love to be bronzed and beautiful and to achieve this most of us will fake it rather than bake ourselves on tanning beds. We also all know that to maintain a fab fake tan we need to moisturise daily to keep skin hydrated while ensuring your tan stays intact. However, what most people don't realise is that if you use a moisturiser with oils in it that this will actually work at removing your fake tan rather than maintaining it!!!

Cocoa Brown Chocolate Whip Oil-Free Body Moisturiser

Marissa Carter, owner of Cocoa Brown being the tanning genius that she is has come up with a great solution. An oil free moisturiser that gives you the right amount of hydration you need to helps maintain a beautiful tan. Introducing the ever so lovely Chocolate Whip Oil Free Body Moisturiser.

Marissa says that this moistuirser can be used in three different ways:
  • Firstly before you apply fake tan this can be applied to the notoriously dry areas such as hands, feet, knees, elbows etc. This should be done no matter what tan you use to ensure that the tan doesn't cling to dry areas resulting in an uneven and unsightly fake tan. I love this product for this purpose. I have used moistuisers in the past that were way to thick and oily for this that they acted as a barrier against my tan and so I was left with tan free knees, feet, elbows, the works. Not a nice sight for a Saturday on the tiles!!!
  • Secondly Marissa recommends using this starting from the day after you have applied your tan to prolong the life of your tan and also an even fade off of any residue. This definitely gets the thumbs up in this department. I have seen a great improvement in the length my tan lasts since using this
  • And finally she suggests using this everyday to leave your skin moisturised without feeling oily or greasy. It's recommended to this use even if you don't have tan on. I am not a fan of using it in this way. I prefer to use a more luxurious moistuiser when I am not wearing tan.

This is really a super moistuser for using while sporting a tan, it is hydrating enough but absorbs super quick and leaves no residue on your skin. However, it doesn't give me enough hydration for non tan days. I like to use thicker products on non tan days just to give my skin that extra boost of moisture.

The packaging of this product is what I expected from Cocoa Brown, cute, girly and easy to use with a hint of pink. It comes in a 200ml tube. I love that it is fuss free to use (like all their other products). The plastic of the tube is soft which means you can squeeze out every last drop of the product.

I was a little surprised to see the product was brown. But it really suited the name!!

If you are familiar with and love the smell of Cocoa Brown's 1 hour tan then you are going to love the scent of this! When you first apply it you get the familiar whiff of Tahitian Gardenia but then as you rub it in to the skin the cocoa smells comes to the surface. It is not overpowering but it definitely has a scent that lingers on the skin which for me is a big plus especially as it masks any fake tan smell. 

If all of that wasn't enough, Chocolate Whip is actually good for your skin too. It contains Vitamin E which is known for its healing properties such as improving the appearance of stretch marks, age spots and maintaining general skin health. It also contains Panethenol which is great for people with acne prone skin as it doesn't clog the pores and so will not produce sebum in the pores.  I would really recommend this for anyone that suffers from body acne as its lightweight and full of acne fighting ingredients.

Overall, I am very impressed with this product and will continue to use it to help maintain a glowing and even tan. And at €7.99 for 200ml you definitely cannot ask for much more. Chocolate Whip Oil Free Moisturiser is available from Penney's, good pharmacies nationwide and FeelUnique's website (although it is €9.99 on this site). See here for a list of stockists.

For a perfect tan I would recommend using Cocoa Brown's Tough Stuff all over the body in the shower to exfoliate the skin, then use Chocolate whip on dry areas and then apply Cocoa Brown's 1 Hour Tan. Keep tan maintained with a daily application of Chocolate Whip. 

Have you tried Chocolate whip or any other Cocoa Brown Products? 

Do you use a moisturiser daily to maintain an even and natural looking tan?

Thank you for taking time out to read this post. Have a wonderful day.

Happy Tanning Ladies 

Love and Cuddles

14 Nov 2013

REVIEW: Ultimate Body Applicator Wrap

I had heard so much about the Body Contouring "Weight Loss" Wraps that I was dying to try them out for myself. One of my lovely followers on Facebook offered me the chance to try one out to review. I was excited to say the least. I received the wrap in the post along with very in depth instructions on how to use it.

So how do you use these wraps???
Before I applied the wrap-Excuse the bra

  • First you should shower but be sure not to use anything on your skin afterwards as this will just act as a barrier towards the ingredients in the wrap
  • It does recommend that you should dry body brush the area. I did this a little but as I was trying the wrap on my tummy I didn't want to brush too hard
  • You should then take photos of the area before wrapping aswell as measuring the area so you can see your results.
  • When you open the wrap it has a lotion type product(the brown colour in the above picture is the lotion) on one side and this is the side you should place against your skin....a word of warning its damn cold!!!!!!!
  • When you have the wrap on the area smooth it out and wrap the area in clingfilm to make sure the wrap stays in place

  • You should then wear tight clothing which will help the wrap work better
  • The instructions then state that you should drink half your body weight in water while the wrap is on. The example it gives is if you weigh 100lbs you should drink 50fl oz of water (roughly 1.5litres). I just drank a hell of alot of water to make sure I took in enough
  • It recommends for your first time to leave the wrap for 45 minutes. You can leave it overnight once you know you don't have a reaction to it. 
  • After 45 mins when you remove the wrap you should rub the remainder of the lotion into your body.
  • The wrap continues to work for 72 hours after so be sure to constantly drink water during this period
  • Throughout the process and at the end of the 72 hours take more photos and measure and see if you can see the difference for yourself
  • During the 72 hours you must avoid any fatty foods, coffee, sugary foods etc. 

Now that the serious stuff is all out of the way what did I really think of the wrap I hear you say????

Straight after removing the wrap....Can you see the slight difference??

Well here is my review:

-Firstly I LOVE that they are so easy to use. It sounds complicated but really its simple.
-When you open the packaging you are hit with a beautiful essential oil type smell..Delicious. You just know this is going to be good for your skin
-After you get over the initial phase of it freezing the heck out of you the lotion really begins to warm on your skin....it's not uncomfortable but the total opposite infact. It feels like a big giant heat pack which is so comforting and relaxing that I didn't want to take it off. This feeling combined with the beautiful aroma had me in relaxation mode instantly!!! It made me feel like I was having a spa treatment without the high cost and without having to leave my house.
-When I removed the wrap I felt thinner and my ever so bloated tummy definitely seemed less obvious. My waist measured a half an inch smaller....NO JOKE!!!!!
-My skin felt amazing and I just wanted to bottle the lotion and use it every day. Just a word of warning when you remove the wrap the lotion does feel a little tingly on the skin...it reminded me of deep heat muscle rub but it goes very quickly!
-I noticed a real difference in the texture of my skin after using this and it seemed to get better every day. You can see that straight after I removed the wrap that ugly pink line across my stomach which was in the pre-wrap picture was gone and hasn't come back since.
-You know that awful bloated feeling us ladies get? Well I had that before using this and once I used this that yucky feeling went away!! It would be worth the money just for that result!! 
-The good thing about this is its nothing to do with loosing water you are retaining, infact they encourage you to drink alot of water during the 72 hours after wrapping. This is a sure sign that the weight wont go back on you once you start eating normal again.

After 72 hours

After 72 hours. I can definitely see a difference here!!

After the 72 hour waiting period I am delighted to say I lost 1.5 inches off my waist and 1 inch from my hips. I am only delighted with myself that one single wrap had this much impact....and to be honest I may have had a sneek treat here and there (and everywhere) which they say not to in order to optimise results so if I got the results while still eating treats then people that don't do this are sure to get an even better result. 

I was massively skeptical about these wraps and did think they were a fad and that's why I wanted to try them out but I have to say even after one use I can see a difference....I can only imagine what the results after 4 wraps would be!!!! Its hard to explain how great these wraps are....it really is a try it to believe it scenario. 

There are many people selling these wraps but I have to say I found Orla from Dublin's Natural Body Wraps a pleasure to deal with. She sent me plenty of instructions on how to use the wrap aswell as always being there to answer any questions I had! The wraps retail for €30 for one or €120 for a box of four. 

I am massively impressed by these wraps. They not only have really helped tone and change my body but they have made my skin feel like it has never felt before. I will definitely have to try them on my thighs next as this is ANOTHER problem area for me. 

Have you ever tried these wraps? What is your experience with body wrapping ?? I would love to see if you are as impressed as I was. 

Happy wrapping ladies and a massive thanks to Orla for giving me the opportunity to try these wonderful wraps. 

Anita XXXX

11 Nov 2013

TAG: My desert island beauty products

I am surrounded by beautiful makeup and beauty products all the time and am constantly updating my collection with the newest releases! But what products could I not "live without"??? In this post I will give you the answers while at the same time give you an insight into why I find these products so fantastic. 

So here we go, I have categorised this to make it an easy read...if I don't have a desert island product I will simply not put one in this post.......honesty is the best policy after all!!

Favourite Face Primer: Has to be hands down Benefits Porefessional. I have bought tubes of this stuff and always go back to it. It really smooths out my complexions and makes my makeup last all day

Favourite Foundation: Do you have to ask?? Of course its Rimmel's Stay Matte Liquid Mousse Foundation (review here). I honestly cannot find a foundation as good as this and I have tried really high end products. This is definitely the best beauty find of 2013 for me.

Favourite Face Powder: AHHH Mac's Mineralized Skin finish natural. Leaves your skin flawless and perfected looking.

Favourite Blush: Very easy for me. Mac's Melba Blush. This is just the perfect peachy toned blush that looks amazing on everyone. A staple in anyone's collection I think.

Favourite Bronzer: I like many powder bronzers but one product that stands out to me is a cream based product and it is Boujours Bronzing Primer (Review Here). No matter how much or how little makeup I am wearing I always use this. It just adds a subtle warmt to the face that makes even the palest skin look naturally bronzed. 

Favourite Highlighter: The Balms Mary Lou Manizer. This is by far the nicest highlighter I have used. It gives your skin a glow but without looking overly glittery. A little goes a very long way so be light handed with this one!

Favourite Lipstick: Sarah G Cosmetics in 107 Pink Lady (review here). This to me is the perfect shade of pink and lasts so long on the lips.

Favourite Lipgloss: Mac's Cultured Lipglass. This paired with Pink Lady by Sarah G is my go to lip combo. Amazing pout at your finger tips.

Favourite Fake Tan: Oh this is a tough one. Its either between Karora's express bronzing mousse (Review here) or Cocoa Brown's 1 hour tan. (Review here) Both these tans give you a beautiful glow in a matter of hours and are so easy to use. Sorry but I cannot choose between these.

Favourite Body Scrub: I have never tried a body scrub so effective as Cocoa Brown's Tough Stuff (Review here). This is remarkable and doesn't leave any residue on your skin which to me is essential if you want your tan to be impeccable!

Favourite Perfume: Paco Rabanne Lady Millions. Everyone comments on this scent when I wear it. It's beautiful for every occasion I feel. If you haven't tried this you are definitely missing out.

Favourite Face Palette: Sarah G's "Face Kit" is a definite winner in this category (Review here). The blush and bronzer are some of my favourites and the eye shadows are perfect for creating a soft look or a more dramatic evening look. 

Favourite Eyeshadows: Urban Decay's Vice 2 Palette. This has everything you need for a day time look or a more colourful smoky eye. If all my eye makeup disappeared and I had to repurchase one product it would be this as it has every colour you would need for any occasion.

Favourite Eyeliner: In general the Inglot Gel liners are amazing and in particular no 77 (Black) and 90 (Brown). I wear one of these two almost every day.

Favourite Brow Product: MUA Pro Brow kit. This is so reasonably priced and has everything you need for perfect brows. 

Favourite Tool:  Shu Uemera eyelashes curlers. I never thought curling my eyelashes was so important until I used this. It transforms the look of your eyes and makes you look bright eyed and beautiful.

Well I think that is it for now!! I called this post my desert island products but I would need a suitcase for just these items if I was going to a desert island but you get the idea!? These are the products that are and have been staples in my collection for awhile and that I would repurchase over and over again.

What are your desert island products? What products could you not "live without"??? Leave a comment below.

I TAG ANY beauty blogger out there who is as much of a beautyaholic as I am! Leave a link to your blog down below. I would love to see what you are loving and get some recommendations on new products to try. Also please feel free to add in some products. I just left some out, like concealer and mascara as I haven't yet found my desert island products.

Have a wonderful day everyone. 

Anita xxx

7 Nov 2013

A Guide to Choosing the Right Concealer

Hey Ladies! In the past I have done blogposts on How to choose the right foundation and also the Right Tools for Applying Foundation.This next post will deal with concealers and how to choose the right one for you and also how to apply them. Hope you enjoy and find it helpful!

A lot of people are under the illusion that foundation is the way to cover up imperfections and this is why we see many girls with caked on makeup which infact draws attention to the problem areas rather than masking them. It is true that foundation does help to even out skintone and reduce some redness but for really prominent blemishes and under eye circles concealer is our skin savior. Concealers are specifically designed to deal with problem areas and when used correctly they can transform your makeup look. They are also great as they give you full coverage without having to use too much makeup.

There are TWO Types of Concealers. One for under eye and one for covering blemishes on your face.
Credited to Bobbi Brown Cosmetics
UNDER EYE CONCEALERS: These are used to conceal discoloration and dark circles. It is designed to work with the very delicate skin around the eye area. They should be light and creamy in texture. It should also be subtle and hydrating as the skin under your eye tends to be drier and thinner than elsewhere on your face. There are two types of under eye concealers. The first one is a light reflecting one which instantly brightens the area while the other is for hiding discolouration. A lot of products on the market can do both and these are the products I would recommend.

CHOOSING THE RIGHT SHADE FOR YOU: The trick is to find a concealer that is light enough to brighten the eye area and conceal your under eye circles but not too light that it will not blend with your skin tone. I would suggest getting a concealer one or two shades lighter than your own skin. In normal circumstances choosing a yellow based under eye concealer will cover discolouration and brighten the under eye.

APPLICATION: Depending on the type of product I am using I would use different application techniques. For products that come in pumps or tubes I always put the concealer on the back of my hand, this not only warms the product before application to the skin but it also allows you to control the amount of concealer you apply to the under eye area. I would recommend using a concealer brush or even your finger (be very delicate) to apply the product. If I am using a concealer wand such as YSL Touche Eclat I would apply the product directly from the wand under my eye and dab in with my ring finger. You do not want too much product under the eye as it will sit in fine lines so I would recommend multiple light applications rather than one thick application. When applying concealer apply to the undereye areas, including the inner and outer corners of the eye. You should always set your concealer with a really light dusting of powder to set the eye.

QUICK TIP: If your under eye concealer has light reflecting particles in it do not use this to cover blemishes as it will only draw attention to the area rather than covering it.


MY FAVOURITE CONCEALERS FOR UNDER EYES: Both Makeup Forever and Mac do a great range of concealers light enough to use under the eye area. Liquid Lift by MUFE is excellent and I also love Mac’s Pro Long wear(this can be used for blemishes also but make sure the colour matches your skintone if you use it to cover blemishes). Bobbi Brown's Correctors are fantastic if you have discolouraton under thr eyes. Refer to my previous post on how to treat and hide dark circles for great little tips. A cheaper alternative would be Maybelline’s DreamLumi Touche concealer wand or Collection 2000’s Illuminating Touch concealer. I am also a big fan of Maybelline's Age Rewind Concealer.


CONCEALERS FOR BLEMISHES ETC: These are used to cover pimples, veins, redness, broken capillaries etc. and are thicker in consistency and can often be much drier. Its recommended to try find a concealer for problematic skin if you are suffering from ache etc as they will have antibacterial properties in them which will not only cover the area but will treat the underlying problem also.

CHOOSING THE RIGHT SHADE FOR YOU: Unlike the undereye concealer this type of concealer should match as close as possible to your natural skin tone. It’s a good idea to buy the same colour or as close as possible to your foundation. Often makeup brands have the same colours in foundations and concealers which makes it easier for you to choose the right shade. If not you can use the tip for choosing the right foundation in my previous post(Link at top) .

APPLICATION: This really depends on the size of the area you wish/need to cover. The application is very similar to before. Apply the product to the back of clean hands to warm the product. Take some product up on the brush and wipe off excess. Light multiple applications is a must as otherwise you will have a very clumpy area which makes the area more noticeable than before. For small areas like pimples, veins etc. use the tip of the brush and dot or draw on the area as delicately as possible. For medium sized areas use the side of the brush and for larger areas I would recommend using fingers. This is great to cover any areas of rosacea or pigementation. When using the fingers push the warmed product into your pores with your fingers.

QUICK NOTE: If your blemish concealer is thick in consistency do not attempt to use this under the eyes as this area is too delicate and thick consistency makeup will sit in the fine lines under the eye causing the makeup to crease. This is not a good look. 


MY FAVOURITE CONCEALERS FOR BLEMISHES: I like Revlon’s Photoready concelealer (this product is ok for use under the eye also) , Rimmel Hide the Blemish Concealer,MUFE  or Ben Nye Concealer palettes or Laura Mercier's Secret Camouflage Concealer.

So that’s all folks. I hope you found this helpful and please feel free to contact me with any questions you might have and be sure to let me know what you think of my post.
Thanks everyone and stay tuned for the next post which will be on how to choose the perfect powder.

Love Anita xxxx